Pros And Cons of the Leafs Missing the Playoffs

If you’re a Leafs fan, you’ve probably been pretty disappointed in the team’s late season struggles, costing them an elusive playoff berth. But while the Leafs missing the playoffs is not usually something to be celebrated, I went out and compiled a list of the benefits and disadvantages of missing the post-season as a means to shed some light on what this all means. It’s not necessarily as bad as you might think.


Pro: Improved draft position will help the team find a star to turn things around.

Con: They’ll probably just draft another Tyler Biggs.

Pro: It’s now painfully clear that this is a team that lacks enough talent to be a contender.

Con: Has that ever stopped them from trying?

Pro: We burn the first year of Clarkson’s contract that much faster.

Con: The remaining six years.

Pro: Despite not making the playoffs, the Leafs were a good shootout team for the first time since the gimmick’s inception.

Con: Yeah, it seems like we might be seeing less of those.

Con: This was the last season before Kessel’s contract delivers an $8 million per year cap hit instead of the $5.4 million it was before.

Pro: Maybe Bozak’s room gets a little bigger?

Pro: The extended off-season gives Dave Bolland’s ankle more time to heal.

Con: It’s sure gonna take a lot of healing for him to be worth $5 million per year.

Con: Losing eight in a row and 10 of their last 12 is one of the most crushing ways to end a season.

Pro: It’s still better than last year.


Dan Russell



  1. Not a Kessel fan? Put it this way. Bruins with Kessel probably would have won at least 2 cups recently instead of one. In the meantime the Leafs would have been better with the depth of 2 good players in Sequin and Hamilton. But I do not see this as being a major Leafs error. Nonis did a reverse Burke last yr. by not going after Bowmeester. An obvious upgrade on defence. Maybe while Bruins were sleeping last yr. he would have made the difference.If your team is a the …Biggs…position in the draft ( though a better draft ) was Bowmeester not value?
    If you thought yourself near enough to contention to pop another 2nd and 4th pick for Bolland…why not Bowmeester? Could you see a potential with the good signing of Bernier and Bolland and Bowmeester. mmm the Bs signings we could call it. But this team has some talent. Some of those Percys — Finns — Gauthiers — will be solid additions. Now you get a pick with some solid chance of being another difference maker. I am a little partial to Jake Virtanen..dang Canucks getting pick ahead of us..likely their pick…but Fleury? A big mobile d-man. Put him in with Reilly and Gardiner over the next few yrs. …nice.

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